Estonian food industry company Tarplani Kaubanduse OÜ was established in 1994.

We are producing and marketing mayonnaise and mayonnaise based dressings. Besides being a market leader in mayonnaise production in Estonia we are selling salad dressings and soups. 

We are marketing our products under the brands TARPLAN and KOKKIN.

In 1999 the manufacturing complex in Tabasalu was renovated. In the next years we invested numerous means with a purpose to construct the modern manufacturing in compliance with the requirements of food hygiene in all respects. 
Recognition of Food and Veterinary Board was given to the company in February 2001. 

Quality management system of Tarplani Kaubandus is elaborated in order to insure the systematic management and operation of the whole company at the level of modern times and in compliance with the requirements of BRC

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