Smoked chicken salad


You will need:

0.5 kg of smoked chicken
400 g of red currant or black currant juice
1 tablespoon of gelatine
150 g of crisphead lettuce
3 oranges
2 pears
150 g cheese
1 red sweet pepper

100 g of non-flavoured yoghurt
100 g of Tarplan mayonnaise
50 g of cracked and fried wild nuts
4 cl of brandy
100 g of whipped cream
black pepper

Do it like this:

Clean and cut the smoked chicken. Prepare jelly of juice and gelatine. Cut the crisphead lettuce and cheese into slivers. Fillet the oranges, cut the pears into pieces and slice the sweet pepper. Mix all components together.


Suitsukanasalat pähklise brändikastmega Tarplan 1.jpg