Pork fillet and bacon with beefsteaks


You will need:

Potato and cheese beefsteaks
2 eggs
1/2 dl of milk
mix of herbs, white pepper
1 dl of flour
100 g of raped cheese
1 tablespoon of hacked parsley
600 g of peeled potatoes (to be raped)
1,5 dl of hacked leek onion
butter and oil for frying

Pork and bacon fillet
1-2 pork fillets
15 slices of raw smoked bacon
salt, pepper

Mayonnaise-apple sauce
1 bigger apple
200 g of Tarplan mayonnaise
1 teaspoon of horse radish
1/2 teaspoon of sweet pepper powder

Do it like this:

Potato and cheese beefsteaks:
Mix the eggs, spices, milk and flour. Add the raped cheese, parsley, potato and leek onion. Bake it on a pancake pan in the butter and afterwards in the oven with a temperature of 160°C for 15 minutes.

Pork and bacon fillet
Cut the pieces of 3 cm from the pork fillet, wrap it in the bacon and close it with a cocktail stick. Fry it on the pan at both sides and flavour it with salt and pepper. Continue to bake it in the oven with potato and cheese beefsteaks.

Mayonnaise-apple sauce
Peel the apple and clean it of seeds. Purée the apple and add the rest of the foodstuff.


Seafilee-peekonikeerud pihvidega Tarplan 1.jpg